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Tattoo on wrists

Tattoo is, first of all, a way of self-expression and only then a fashion trend. It is not necessary to follow the example of a friend/brother/matchmaker, who has all the body painted. Remember: he started with a small tattoo in an inconspicuous place.

The first criterion for choosing a tattoo – the symbolism of the picture, the second – its location. And if you are going to open the doors of the tattoo parlor for the first time, we recommend you to pay attention to the tattoo on your wrist. It is easily covered by the sleeve of a jacket or shirt, but in the clear immediately catches the eye. The meaning of tattoo for each person individual, but in this article we will consider the most common types of tattoos.

Tattoo on the wrist for men

The tattoos that guys get to the junction of the forearm to the hand, often represent:

  • professional affiliation (for example, a cap gives out a sailor in its owner, a Libra – lawyer, a monitor – IT-specialist);
  • important event (this may be the name of the lost person or the date of marriage);
  • character (quote highlights the motto of man in life, the drawings represent certain qualities (dragon – leadership, plume – freedom, mask – secrecy)).

The most common tattoos of men are:

  • symbol of infinity;
  • clover;
  • cross;
  • ligature;
  • winged expressions in Latin;
  • skull;
  • barbed bracelet;
  • wolf;
  • "fire" beasts.

Tattoo on the wrist for girls

Women like to perpetuate feelings, so they prefer to put on the wrist such tattoos:

  • ornate bracelets;
  • Latin inscriptions;
  • initials of the second halves;
  • birds';
  • butterflies';
  • "female" animals (Panther, cat, DOE, etc.));
  • abstract drawings;
  • flowers;
  • stars.

The weaker sex prefers to decorate drawings. In particular, the scarlet color symbolizes passion and ardor, white – innocence, blue – sadness, and yellow – separation.

White tattoos are becoming more and more popular among women. They are barely noticeable, distinguished by refinement and elegance and as if they are under the skin itself.

Features of tattooing on the wrist and care for it

They say there is no picture without a story. Each work of art is preceded by some real basis, so the first step on the way to the cherished tattoo will be the choice of drawing. Sketches of tattoos on the wrist are presented in any institution engaged in tattooing. But it is better to find a unique illustration on the Internet, download it on a flash drive and bring it a tattoo artist.

The master will estimate the size of the future picture, print it and outline it on screen paper. The resulting silhouette of the image is cut and applied to the alcohol-disinfected wrist. Then the template is removed, and the master starts painting the picture with a special machine with needles. First, the darker elements are filled, then the lighter ones.

Since the skin in the area of the hand is thin, and the fat and muscle layers are practically absent, for most people the procedure of tattooing the wrist is quite painful. Upon completion of work the skin is covered with antiseptic healing ointment and medical plaster.

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