Tattoo trash polka

There are many stylistic trends In tattooing, like in any other fine art. Some of them are well established, while others are only a short-term reaction to fashion. To the first, in particular, can rightly be attributed the young direction - thrash polka. Its pronounced nature and rationale for the emergence suggest a strict author's concept. Next, consider the characteristics and symbolism of this popular trend in the world of tattoos.

The history of thrash polka

Unlike most other movements in tattoo, thrash polka may boast a true history of its origin. We know not only the place of its origin (Germany), but the names of the creators. One of the authors (VolkoMarkski) have conceived a new style in the early 70s, when he visited an American military base. Brutal tanks and strong soldiers impressed him. However, the first step to creating his own Studio ("Buena Vista Tattoo Club") he did only after a meeting with a friend of life - Simon Plaff. All the while, Volko waited and tested the waters (read the customers ' skin) in order to assert the new current.

It is important to note that both authors have art education and experience as graphic designers. Their research in the world of tattoos began with the fact that they experimented with unusual material. Namely, paper Newspapers, colorful fonts. In addition, the birth of a new style was influenced by their love for black and white photography. Creating collages from newspaper clippings of tabloid fiction, various color inclusions and their own drawings, the artists gradually came to the right track. Their conceptual style has got a charismatic name. Despite the existing eloquent translation of the word trash from English, they themselves call as a source of inspiration - their love for Gypsy culture. In addition, the couple is not limited to painting, but also tries themselves in musical creativity. Their group Dobbs Dead is famous for the gloomy sound of country folk and unique design guitars of its own production. That is, the origins of the young style you should look for in folklore.

The most suitable association for their tattoos they found in a fast folk dance - polka. They saw it as a set of fundamental principles that are applicable to their own creativity. First of all, it is a pair dance, symbolizing their tandem of authors. This dance is also quite temperamental and demonstrative to be recognizable around the world. Therefore, the combination of the realism of incendiary dance with their abstract ideas in the field of graphics has become a good enough reason for such a fervent name. An unusual combination of words succinctly characterizes the daring spirit of the popular direction today.

Characteristic features of the style

Various experiments of the couple with graphics and font design of newspaper clippings led to an amazing result. The product of their creative work was rebellious towards public morality, and maybe even a flashy style of self-expression. His aggressive and vulgar notes invariably cause a reaction from the audience. Often it can be negative, but never indifferent. And this is exactly what was necessary for the young emerging direction.

Many people point to some decadence inherent in thrash polka. Supposedly, the skull always carry a heavy energy, and the newspaper stuff as the basis initially unattractive. However, this is only a superficial look at the external expression of style. People forget that one of the main goals of the colorful style was to challenge the glamorous society.

Shake it with moral values to make them begin to doubt. If you want, it is a kind of author's irony over the bourgeois world. Careless attitude to the subject of death, the combination of lapidary newspaper inscriptions with bloody roses and parts of the skeleton - all this is designed to protest against the existing hypocritical standards. For example, when the government of a developed country declares concern for the people, but continues to fight for resources in distant Africa. Therefore, sardonic laughter and evil mockery inherent in the skulls in the thrash polka has quite an objective basis. In a sense, these are life-affirming drawings on the contrary.

The authors painted each other's bodies for a long time to find a suitable contrast. And the combination of rich shades of red and black was the answer to their silent question. In this case, the tattooists themselves are not limited to a bloody range. In their works, you can find carbon dioxide orange, marsh green and many others. This is a popular rumor attributed to the style of hard black-and-red concept. Artists also needed a red tone to express the maximum contrast. That is, the color in this case is only a tool for the realization of the idea, not an end in itself.

Another element of the contrasting tattoo style can be called a bunch of realism and graphics. Together with the art of lettering such images in the end, can even border on science fiction. When beauty becomes a terrifying force, creeping to goose bumps. It is easy to follow the example of the same fallen angels. The use of light images is invariably combined with the aesthetics of the repulsive. This unacceptable Puritan society crosses, guns, barbed wire and other frightening things. That is, everything that actually exists, but it is customary to close the eyes on it. It can also be a characteristic of the animal images designed to strike fear in the beholder: black crows, baring teeth of pit bull Terriers and other synonyms of something terrible. Excessive aggressiveness never stops tattooists in the style of thrash polka.

Moreover, they are looking for this maximum expression of Thanatos to obtain catharsis. Red and black tones only enhance visual perception. Shock, frighten, suppress will - all this is inherent in a powerful direction. Depressed color of most images is only a false impression of the observer. Since the undisguised expression of the artistic message is fraught with the potential of the Big Bang.

Characteristics of tattoo carriers in this style

We can safely say that there are no restrictions regarding the sex here. Brutal tattoos look equally good on both men and the women. Unless on the child it will be difficult to imagine, because he has yet to learn the inside of this two-faced world. Often provocative images are applied to the front of the body: chest, forearms, and hands. However, due to the versatility of the colors and images used, a place for a tattoo can serve any part of the skin. As for the size of the picture, there is still the same principle: to cause cognitive dissonance in the viewer. That is, the more - the better. Already based only on this can be judged on the courage of the owner of tattoos in the style of thrash polka. Usually they are strong and extraordinary people, ready to become a crooked mirror for a blinkered society. They deny the generally accepted rules; insist on the falsity of existing values, etc. So, they are not only afraid of other people, but they also learn their own unique entity, declare it for themselves. Despite the repulsive nature of the images used, tattoos in this style have a tremendous attractive force. Due to the combination of contrasting colors and stylishly drawn inscriptions, the drawings look quite expensive. Therefore, the word "trash" in the style name should not mislead anyone. It's just a metaphor.

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