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Sword tattoo – meaning and designs for girls and men

The sword is the oldest weapon. With its help, warriors fought for justice and protected themselves from enemies. Since the weight of the sword was large enough, used it only strong men. The sword was friend and colleague for a warrior, so in the case of death, it has to be destroyed, for the enemy was not able to use it. Therefore, the sword often symbolizes eternal friendship and devotion.

Tattoo with a sword is in demand mainly for men. The strong half of humanity emphasizes the courage by this pattern, riskiness, rage in battle and the ability to go ahead for justice. And for women, such a picture either carries a deep meaning (for example, the loss of a loved one), or belonging to the militant tribes of the Amazons.

Different nationalities had their own special blades. In Japan, there is a katana sword serving only for defense, this work of art could not be used as an attack. Tattoo with a samurai sword symbolizes piety and loyalty.

Swords of the Slavic ethnos are familiar to us from Russian folk tales and only mighty heroes owned them. So a tattoo with a sword a sign of strength. Turkish scimitar – "sword of Islam" or weapons of the Janissaries. Lightning and swift blade, condemning enemies to death. This is the true weapon of death.

In most cases, the sword is drawing simply, without a background and any symbols. If you add more elements, the meaning of the tattoo changes.

  • Entwined with ivy or flowers sword symbolizes the loss of a loved one, a bright memory and respect for him;
  • If the sword is between a man and a woman, it takes on a phallic significance and speaks of the innocence and purity of feelings between young people;
  • The sword in the sheath is evidence of sober mind and judgment, such a person never gets violent and won't do anything stupid;
  • A broken or cracked sword says the tattoo owner suffered a deep wound and broke faith in life;
  • Dancing around the sword girl confirms the willingness of the owner to confront death and fearlessness in front of it;
  • If a snake is wrapped around a sword, then a person is subject to temptation and fetchers;
  • Sword, which stuck in stone (sword of Damocles) symbol of the inevitability and transience of life;
  • Two crossed swords or a sword next to the cross symbolizes unity, brotherhood, unity of secular and spiritual power;
  • When a tattoo sword pierces the skull, the man tries to overcome the death;
  • If the sword tip is elongated and long, then spiritual force for the owner of the tattoo in the first place, when the tip is short, the instinctive attributes above all.

Places of tattooing "Sword"

Due to its elongated form, the tattoo was the best way to look at the long parts of the body. It's a shin, thigh, arm. Especially impressive sword looks on the spine; it emphasizes the back muscles and visually lengthens the body. For small sword, you can use any part of the body.

As for the technique, this pattern does not particularly need bright colors and ornate details. Straight-line meaning is always looks best in laconic manner.

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