Tattoo space

No matter how much we look into space, it still remains a mystery to us. Probably, this is what attracts tattoo lovers who be spread their bodies with star stories. These people are often called the romantics, irrational dreamers. However, this is not always true. Consider the fashionable look of body painting in more detail.

The meaning of tattoo space

The symbolism of the Universe refutes that only irrational people can get cosmic tattoo.

Despite the insufficient knowledge of the boundless space, it is often associated with the order, something holistic, complete. And the famous philosopher Plato once even equated the Universe to a man. The uneasy structure of the galaxy seemed to him similar in structure to the consciousness of people. From this, we can conclude that the owners of cosmic tattoos are primarily looking for harmony with the world in themselves. They want to feel and see their inner self in the mirror. And only then are dreams.

Others use well-known symbols of the planets of the Solar system to form their personal brand. To emphasize their " principle ", to make visible its main features. In addition, each planet has a binding to the Zodiac sign. This interpretation has the right to life, because tattoo Cosmos in its modern form is quite a young direction. Previously portrayed the graphic outlines of the constellations, astronauts, rockets, etc. Now popular color banners, large images of the planets. Let us consider their possible interpretation in more detail.

The meaning of the planets

Each of the known planets has a certain set of symbolic representations. The most universal are the following theses:

  • The sun refers to male images, symbolizing the power and indestructible energy. The widespread tattooing with the image of the sun is also due to the previous status of the sun. It used to be worshipped as a deity. Therefore, the owners of such a tattoo may well rely on divine protection.
  • The moon relates to female images. It is often associated with a deep mystery, a cosmic riddle. Moonlight brings peace and fulfillment of secret desires.
  • Mars is often associated with audacity and aggressive masculine. The character of a person with this planet on the body can have explosive power.
  • Mercury is the patron Saint of travelers, businesspersons, in General, all those who do not sit in one place. The messenger of the gods promises good luck to the bearers of his image.
  • Venus is too obvious a symbol to paint in detail. We would recall only about her love traits, from time to time manifested in every person.
  • Saturn is considered as a symbol of wisdom and high spiritual level. Therefore, the owner of a tattoo with this planet is often a man in 30 or even older than 40 years
  • The earth is too universal to judge it unambiguously. In any case, the tattoo has a positive energy, and attracts good luck. Usually it is popular with the female half of humanity. This is easily explained by the existence of a stable earth-mother bond.

However, not only the famous planets can be found on the bodies of space lovers. Distant stars and zodiac constellations are also called to say something about the owner of the tattoo. This can be as binding to luck, and more "narrow" meaning. For example, a star on the wrist may indicate unusual sexual preferences. And such subtleties, actually, a lot. Therefore, you should carefully consider the information about celestial bodies, and not blindly to stuff them into your body.

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