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Tattoo on the shoulder: a good way to decorate the body

Tattooing on the shoulder is one of the most popular services in tattoo-salons, because with the help of a picture located in this area, the stronger sex can emphasize their masculinity (male tattoo on the shoulder), and beautiful "fitness babes" - elasticity and refinement of the shoulder muscles.

In addition, these tattoos are suitable for everyone without exception: people engaged in any kind of activity, forced to comply with the dress code, regardless of age and Hobbies.

Due to the fact that even in hot weather it is easy to hide such a body ornament under the sleeves of a swede or a blouse, a tattoo on the shoulder will remain invisible to your boss. At the same time, dressed in a fashionable beach outfit, you can show others your stylish tattoo on the shoulder.

Despite the fact that today the drawings on this part of the body are the most relevant, the love of painting on the shoulders has a long history. The first who began to decorate this part of a body, were Indian tribes, which reflected the social status, a family situation, a profession, etc. Thus, for Indians a tattoo on a shoulder was some kind of a body biography by means of which they could inform people around them about themselves.

Choosing the theme of the picture

The universal popularity of this part of the body for painting has existed at all times and has not spared the "thieves ' world". Therefore, choosing the theme of the image, you should be extremely careful that in the future you do not have a problem.

In addition, the tattoo on shoulder over its long history of existence has grown into a mass of legends and beliefs. Therefore, it is believed that the pattern applied to the left shoulder, gives its owner good luck and wealth, and the pictures on the right bring life wisdom and fulfill secret desires.

To enhance the beneficial effects of tattoos on the shoulder, you can add to the invented pattern the following signs of luck:

  • dolphin;
  • goldfish;
  • seahorse;
  • scarab beetle;
  • feather;
  • horseshoes;
  • coins;
  • Infinity sign, etc.
  • Additional benefits of the decision to get a tattoo on the shoulder are realistic images (due to the rounded, convex shape of this part of the body), as well as the ability to harmoniously extend the pattern on the adjacent areas: chest, neck, forearms, back.

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