Tattoos in the style of realism

Style realism in tattoo means drawing pictures that most accurately correspond to the real image of the object. Working in such a technique requires the master to have special artistic abilities. It is complex and painstaking, because each sketch is based on a thorough drawing of the smallest strokes. Often this tattoo is performed in three-dimensional technique.

In the style of realism tattooed with the image of people, animals, architectural and natural elements. It can be performed using any color scheme – from monochrome black (as a black and white photo) to bright multi-colored.

In a realistic image, you can create any object, but the most common for this type of tattoo is a portrait. Usually it is making as a copy from a photo of a loved one or a famous person. Qualitatively pictured tattoo in the style of realism seems alive and breathing. This explains its popularity – as if it "lives" on the body.

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