Tattoo on the neck

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Tattoos still remain a controversial phenomenon in our society, some consider them art, others - brand, but despite this, neck tattoos are very popular among both men and women. Most people consider tattoos as a means of manifestation of individuality, and treat them mostly positively, but, in any case, a man or a woman with a tattoo cause a huge storm of emotions in others.

There are several options for applying this pattern:

  • Collar, fully encircling the neck. This type is most often chosen by men, preferring aggressive abstract tattoos.
  • On the side. The image can be small, and can go into the sleeve or other parts of the body.
  • Back of the head. This place is preferred by women, as the picture is neat and feminine, and if desired, it can be easily hidden by hair or clothing.

If you decide to get a tattoo, in the salons you will be offered hieroglyphs, flowers, butterflies, animals or hearts. Each picture is symbolic, so choosing an image, you should study what it means.

Deciding to make a tattoo on the neck, note that there is a very delicate skin, so the process will be painful, and the picture will often have to be adjusted. To fill the image in this place is not safe, so it is better to carefully choose a master who will not only professionally possess the skills of tattooing, but also focuses on the anatomy of the human body.

The site Drawinks options neck tattoos are divided into categories and styles that will make the search quick and easy. Here you will find a stylish, beautiful and suitable option for you.

There are many ideas for tattoos on the neck: butterflies, flowers and stars are the most popular among girls. Also often depict various characters that have a certain value for the owner. Women's tattoos are often small in size and are made on the back of the neck, where they are usually hidden under the hair, but if desired, the girl can show the picture to others.

If men make a tattoo on the neck, it is often tribal (tribal) patterns, 3D drawings, images of animals and various symbols. These tattoos are quite large and immediately evident. Their catchy appearance instantly attracts the attention of others. If your employer is against such a creative manifestation, it is better to refrain from tattoos on the neck, because it will be quite difficult to hide it.

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