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Tattoo for men

A tattoo is an expression of a person's will, character and inner world. Male tattoos, as a rule, differ in clearer lines, bold forms and brutal subjects. That does not exclude the presence of floral motifs in the sketches. Especially if it is a work in the style of Japanese tattoo has Chikanori Santa Muerto.

The palette is dominated by dark shades and rich bright colors. For example, blood red, thick orange or deep blue. Every detail of the male tattoo is designed to emphasize the individuality, and any pattern is selected based on the location.


Choosing a place for a tattoo, you need to understand how the picture will look after its application. For example, a tattoo on a man's hand does not involve full-scale paintings, in which every detail is important. And the small images just disappear in the back. One of the main rules of effective male tattoo – compliance with the scale. Do not forget that the human body is not stable, which means the applied pattern will change with it.

Recently, a very popular tattoo for men on shoulder. The location gives you the ability to manage your body drawings. Depending on the situation, such tattoos are easy to show or hide by adjusting the length of the sleeve. Another plus – a wide selection of suitable sketches. Equally well will look trendy mechanics and the face of the charming Miss Monroe.

Ideal for shoulder is a large single figure with a low-keyed background. It can be a Celtic cross, a tiger's head, a woman's face or an idol. Not bad look dynamic drawings, smoothly passing on the shoulder blade or chest. As for styles, it is better to give preference to such areas as:

  • Biomechanics;
  • Steampunk;
  • Cyberpunk;
  • Abstraction;
  • Gothic;
  • Ethnics;
  • Realism;
  • 3D;
  • Tribal;
  • Graphics.

Male tattoos on the forearm are more limited by the number of suitable options. Basically, this part is filled with symbolic dates or inscriptions. Good look graphics, drawings in a minimalist style and ethnic motifs. Also on the forearm would output thin elements of large tattoos, the basic part of which is located on the shoulder. It can be tails or muzzles of dragons, guns (the extended), etc.

As for the volumetric work, you can make a tattoo sleeves for men. Nowadays, they are at the peak of popularity. If you want to create a complete picture, sketches are planning out in advance. However, in the sleeve can be combined completely different both on the subject and on the time of execution of the tattoo. The only thing that should be have in view, when performing sleeves – compatibility of style directions.

Elbows deserve special attention. If you want to make a picture on the elbows, it should be part of the overall sleeve or in addition to a larger element. But as independent places for a tattoo they are not used.


After the hands – this is the second most popular location for spectacular tattoos. Back and chest allow you to realize the most incredible projects, but you need to be prepared for the fact that they will require a lot of time to perform.

Tattoo on the sternum of the male are more concise. Popular sketches include human faces, animal faces, skulls, mechanical elements, mythical creatures or cartoons. Among the most common techniques:

  • Abstraction;
  • Watercolor;
  • Anime;
  • Biomechanics;
  • Cyberpunk;
  • Ethnics;
  • Line work;
  • Twin tips;
  • Old school;
  • Dot work;
  • Realism;
  • Surrealism;
  • Organic, etc.

The most voluminous tattoos are considered to be on the back. There may be individual scale elements, such as a soaring eagle or harlequin. Or a full picture with a detailed drawing of the background, shadows and halftones.

Sometimes only, the lumbar zone is filled out. But most often the covering of the back goes from top to bottom. The space of the back can be covered with paint completely, covered with paint one of the blades or both blades from the top.

The application of side tattoos is associated with increased pain; however, they are quite common and look very original. The main rule of the tattoo on the side – relief and elongated shapes. Most often, these are various sketches of dragons, snakes, Scorpions, lizards and other reptiles. Subject pictures are also not uncommon, but it is desirable to have them in a vertical plane.

Head and neck

Tattoos on the neck and head are done much less often due to the pain of the procedure. However, this location is considered truly male, because it has almost no fans among women. For skull best suited 3D images, graphic drawings and ethnic motifs. Looks great as an ornamental technique. Also here can be placed all kinds of numbers and inscriptions that are of particular importance to the owner of the tattoo.

Tattoo lettering for men are well suited for the neck. As a rule, these are short phrases wrote on the occipital zone. For fans of bolder experiments more suitable paintings in the style of blackwork, biomechanics or Gothic.

Increasingly, men are opting for the tattooing on the face. It could be a painting or separate inscriptions on the chin, cheeks or the forehead. The color scheme for such tattoos is selecting in dark colors: black, gray, brown, dark green or dark blue. The most popular styles solutions 3D, Gothic, cyberpunk, recreating the effect of skin or falling holes.


Tattoo on the leg is quite specific, as it requires constant depilation. However, you can do without it, but such drawings do not look too attractive and illegible. Especially if a woman's face or skull is chosen as a tattoo.

The most common tattoos on the calf, knee or thigh. The sketch and its size will depend entirely on the choice of the place and the painted area. There are no restrictions on the thematic range. It can be a pet's muzzle, a planetary system or an intricate pattern. The only exception is tattoos in the form of iconic religious attributes such as crosses or pentagrams. It are more typically placed in the upper body.

However, any tattoo is choosing based on personal preferences. It does not matter in what style and colors it will be made. It can be a grinning predator or brutal Celtic pattern, playful picture in the style of Horror or delicate Watercolor. Importantly, the image quality, and if the owner likes it and picture reflects his personal beliefs.

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