Lion tattoo – meaning and designs for girls and men

The lion is the king of beasts. Almost everyone knows about it. Therefore, in tattoos the image of this majestic animal is quite common. Basically, Leo is chosen by men, but there are also representatives of the fairer sex who want to get strength and lion power.

Meaning of lion tattoo

In religion

Tattoo of a lion for those who correspond to this zodiac sign. Then they can emphasize their courage and ferocity even if they belong to the female sex. After all, lionesses are no less charismatic than male predators.

  • In Buddhism, this animal of the cat family is considered a kind of personification of the enlightened and strong man.
  • In early Christianity, the lion was even a sign of the greatness of the son of God, Jesus Christ.
  • Followers of Islam consider this beast of a fighter with the impure forces.
  • The Jews think, the predator is not only a symbol of power, but the cruelty of man and nature.
  • The ancient Roman tradition identified the lion with Apollo and Hercules.
  • Ancient Greek — with Artemis and Phoebus.
  • The Egyptians thought that predator male acting as a custodian, and the lioness as the goddess Sekhmet.

In Egyptian mythology, the formed image of the goddess-lioness. She was considered the daughter of RA and the personification of the destructive energy of the sun. She was the patroness of doctors, but at the same time could send diseases. In all its image the inconsistency of an image of a lion is displayed. Because he can be brave and fair. Or cruel and aggressive without measure.

In the cultures of all African countries, this predator is a symbol of sovereign power. He is the protector of most of the kings and is considered an integral part of life for many tribes. It is also perceived as a bloodthirsty beast, and as a fair patron.

In China, this representative of the cat family represents male power and royalty. Even in the alchemical tradition, the lion is mentioned as the symbol of masculinity.

In symbols

The lion is a symbol of power, strength and justice. But each artist depicts the lion in its own way, bringing with it additional symbolic details. And they significantly affect the interpretation of the tattoo.

  • When the lion is calm, lying or sleeping, the owner of the tattoo is completely confident and is not going to prove it to others;
  • If the lion is depicted in a fight or in a fighting stance, then the owner of the tattoo is always ready to fight for his interests and his loved ones. Next to such a man, nothing to scary;
  • Lion with bared teeth carries a challenge to others, the desire to show their power and strength;
  • The lion with wings symbolizes the Union of the two elements (air and earth), which gives even more strength and power;
  • The image of lions, turned away from each other, represents the border between the past and the present;
  • Red lion, a symbol of aggression and unrestrained masculinity;
  • Little lion carries information about the ability of the tattoo owner to self-development and self-improvement;
  • Portraying a lion with a crown to emphasize his greatness and power;

The choice of the place for tattoo of the Lion

Of course, you can choose any place, but still, referring to the interpretation of this tattoo, it is necessary to treat the choice of place more skeptical. For example, legs are not the best place for this tattoo. Because the legs -from time immemorial were considered the dirtiest part of the body - "of truth in them no." Intimate places also should not be considered, because this symbol does not need to hide and make it forbidden. The most suitable places for tattoos with the image of a lion are considered to be the chest, shoulder blade, back and left hand. Why the left? Because the closer to the heart, the more symbolic the tattoo, the stronger its ascendancy on your life. If you choose a small tattoo, you can put it on your finger, then the lion will "ring" you and will keep from evil and misfortune.

Lion tattoo for girls

Lion tattoos on a woman's body has a slightly different meaning. From the animal world, we all know that in the pride of one lion, there are a few lionesses who hunt and care for the offspring. The lioness represents the nurse, motherhood and devotion to the family and children. And portraying the lions, the owner of the tattoo says that she is ready to fight for her offspring. In any way, tattoo lion will carry only positive energy and help his owner in life.

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