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Tattoo linework

Linework tattoo is considered a branch of dotwork. Both directions are characterized by the clarity of the pattern and strict straight lines, but lines are solid in the linework, and in the dotwork, they are applied point-wise.

Linear technique appeared in the tattoo recently and very quickly began to gain popularity, because it looks more new and original than traditional styles. In the linework the sketch always turns out bright and memorable, which attracts fans of tattoo.

Tattoo is easily could be done in any color, but preference is given to black, sometimes red. This style can be applied to almost all drawings, shapes and patterns, including the transfer of the portrait from the photo. In this case, the images are abstract, but look realistic.

Tattoo in linework style is a combination texture, high contrast, lively. This is not just a chaotic set of lines, but a drawing with a clear idea, which is necessarily observed when performing the work.

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