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Tattoo on the foot

Tattoo on the leg – this is a great option for those connoisseurs of body painting, which due to the specifics of the field of activity must be clearly adhere to the dress code relating not only to clothing, but also the overall appearance. After all, such a tattoo is easy to hide, wearing a strict pantsuit.

At the same time, your stylish tattoo on the leg in an informal setting can be easily demonstrated with a short skirt, shorts, beach attire.

To intricate pattern favorably emphasized tightened muscles, it is important to choose the most successful place for drawing. For example, representatives of the stronger sex prefer to emphasize masculinity(tattoo on the male leg) with a tattoo located on the outer surface of the thigh, knees, calves.

Girls have the choice falls on:

  • the back of the thigh (the pattern on it always looks sexy);
  • the ankle (using ornament to emphasize their grace);
  • Shin (thanks to the vertical/elongated tattoo in this area, you can make the legs visually more slender).

But if in the legs you have any cosmetic defects: stretch marks, scars, with bright tattoo can be easy to make them invisible.

Choosing a tattoo on the leg

The impulse to make an original tattoo can have a lot of reasons. Someone prefers to emphasize their individuality, someone needs to get rid of aesthetic shortcomings. It is important, making such a decision, not to go only on about the rapidly changing fashion – because the body pattern will remain with you forever and will be very unpleasant, if after a year you have a desire to get rid of a tattoo on your leg.

This is due to the fact that laser tattoo removal is a very painful process (including in the process of healing and regeneration of the skin), which requires serious financial investments (depending on the area of the figure).

If you are 100% sure of your desire, along with the search for a first-class master, you need to pay close attention to the choice of the theme of the pattern: portrait of a loved one/pet, Celtic or Indian ornament, abstraction, fantasy, favorite character or graphic amulet.

In our catalog, you will find a lot of good examples that will help you to choose the theme of the picture and the place of tattooing on the leg.

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