Tattoo jesus christ

Religious tattoos are the strongest and most powerful. They carry spiritual power and love for God. By choosing a religious tattoo, a person declares his faith and confirms belonging to it. The image of Jesus Christ is the most religious tattoo, because the whole history of the Orthodox faith is connected with Jesus. His entire life, from Christmas to crucifixion, is a source of inspiration for tattoo artists around the world.

People deeply believing, true Christians choose such an image.

The Bible says that decorating the body of a true Christian is not a godly thing. However, religion allows for tattoos in cases of necessary to maintain faith. Therefore, the image of Jesus is permissible. The general meaning of this tattoo is connected with the personality of Jesus and his actions, so it has a lot of interpretations:

  • Belonging to the Christian religion;
  • The desire to help the needy and the offended. You may always ask for any help a person with such a tattoo, he will never refuse;
  • Atonement for past sins, remorse for bad deeds;
  • Amulet against evil forces and protection of a higher power. Many holders of a tattoo with Jesus, when they were on the verge of despair, but stuffed himself such an image, found a new life;
  • Belief in miracles and fulfillment of desires. When you really want something, this tattoo helps to turn to God and helps in the fulfillment of a cherished dream;
  • Humility and penance. The state of mind of the owner. Such a person will not betray, will not succumb to pride and temptation, and will meekly "bear his cross."

Meaning of Jesus tattoo on female and male body.

Depending on the gender of the owner, the tattoo depicting Jesus is treating differently. For a girl, it means being willing to sacrifice herself while saving others. Characteristic features which are inherent in the owner, it is humility, honesty, firmness to difficulties; she believes in God and honors his precepts. A man with the image of Jesus, the same God-loving, but he is strong and courageous in the struggle for justice. He takes care of his loved ones and guides them on the true spiritual path.

Choose the place of application.

Due to the fact, that this image has a religious meaning, it is better to depict it in places that could be closed from prying eyes. It is desirable to use a flat surface of the body; it is the back, chest and arms. The larger the surface area, the more beautiful and original will figure.

This tattoo is often using in the criminal world. In it, the tattoo of Jesus has a slightly different meaning. Stuffing Jesus, prisoners trying to fill the emptiness in their soul and ask the protection of God. However, the head of Jesus, depicted on the shoulder or chest, speaks about disobedience to the authorities, and the crucifixion on the back means repentance and a request for forgiveness.

In some cases, the tattoo can show the causes of the criminal record. For example, the image of Jesus in a crown of thorns means an article for hooliganism. In general, we can say that the tattoo of Jesus on the body speaks of faith in God and readiness for trials. Therefore, if you are not an ardent fan of the Christian faith and not ready to endure the "torment of Christ", you should not use this picture just for the sake of beauty.

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