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Tattoo with insects

Tattoo can be called a special kind of art. Everyone puts in a tattoo that he wears, or is just going to make his own sense. But they also have a generally accepted interpretation. That is, each tattoo means for its owner something different, but also in each image the original essence is embedded. Consider the meaning of tattoos in the form of Insects, which are not the most popular, if we take in general, but in demand for people who want to get a talisman-amulet.

That's the way. It is considered that color, or plain, tattoos in the form of different beetles are reliable talismans-amulets. If you are going to make a tattoo of an insect, the material below will be definitely useful to you.

  1. Butterfly. This is one of the most popular images in this category. Inherent in such images, most often on the bodies of girls and women, as this insect - a symbol of tenderness and fragility. In addition, the butterfly symbolizes health and longevity. Butterfly, made in color - a sign of rebirth, resurrection of the soul. It should be noted that in the Slavic traditions on the contrary it meant the approach of death. But in a modern interpretation of it - a certain light-heartedness and levity.
  2. Scorpius. Characteristically, those people who are born under Scorpius sign of the zodiac want to have it as a tattoo. But, not always the carrier of it will be such a person. For example, Scorpio is often associated with aggression, courage, unpredictability, because it is a poisonous creature, fast and resolute. However, in Eastern philosophy, this insect means justice, maturity, wisdom. If Scorpio is drawn with a flower, it is a sign of loyalty to its second half.
  3. Ladybug. It is a symbol of prosperity, positive, positive changes in life. It is also a talisman against external negative and destructive energy. Ladybug - "solar" insect. If you depict it with the clover leaf (as an option - with a horseshoe), it will be a powerful magnet for good luck and prosperity. This insect also symbolizes interest in the opposite sex. And if Scorpio is, most often, the choice of men, then "sun" is for the weaker sex.
  4. Scarab beetle. This is almost the most sacred sign. As a symbol of the powerful pharaohs of ancient Egypt, scarabs indicate: the resurrection of the spirit and body, regeneration or rebirth, immortality in the centuries. These beetles are associated with mysticism, and tattoos with them evoke mystery. Those who are looking for a reliable talisman that can protect against negative energy and evil spirits choose them.
  5. Dragonfly. Also a very popular sign. It should be noted that its interpretation is very similar to the interpretation of the image of a butterfly: grace, lightness, rebirth. However, a dragonfly has its own meaning: speed, courage, femininity and sexuality. Dragonfly on the body - a favorite image of people who are used to easily overcome all the difficulties of life!
  6. Spider. Not the most popular tattoo. However, those who choose this image do not pay attention to prejudices. After all, the spider depicted on the body is a symbol of life, luck, joy, optimism, agility and speed. Moreover, fans of extreme and danger choose spiders.

We have brought you the most popular insects in the world of tattoo. In each image on your body you can put your own meaning. And this is the right approach.

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