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Tattoo on hand

When you are planning to decorate your body for the first time, you may decide to get a tattoo on your hand, as many people do. This option is equally popular among men and women. We offer to find out what nuances has the process of applying the image to this part of the body and what drawings are most preferred.

According to tattoo artists, hands are ideal for such decoration. The pattern can be placed on the shoulder, wrist, forearm, palm and even fingers. Depending on the chosen place of application, the size and shape of the tattoo can be selected.

Tattoo on the arm, located on the shoulder or bicep, since ancient times is a common way to decorate your body. This trend has continued in our days. The original tattoo on the male shoulder looks very brutal, emphasizing the aesthetic of the body and the character of its owner. This decision is often chosen and girls who want to emphasize their individuality. Bicep tattoo is a great choice for people who are close friends with sports and have a beautiful muscle relief.

This option is not only beautiful, but also practical. If your company has a strict dress code, the pattern is easy to hide under clothing. Anatomical features of the shoulder give a wide scope for the implementation of creative ideas. You can apply a mini tattoo, lettering or create an expressive masterpiece in the form of a sleeve. It is important that this area of the body has a relatively low sensitivity, so people with low pain threshold discomfort will be minimal.

The most often applied to the shoulder paintings of medium size, which successfully complement the tattoo on the arm, located on the forearm. This part of the hand is often open, so it is better to put pictures here, which are designed to serve only as decoration, they do not have a sacred meaning.

Tattoo on the wrist - it is mainly a female version, although it looks harmonious on men. The picture can also be hidden under the bracelet or long sleeve, if desired.

Tattoo on the palm is an ambiguous choice. On the one hand, the picture perfectly accentuates the beautiful shape of the hands. On the other hand – the palms are constantly open, the picture is regularly exposed to contact with water and ultraviolet, so the picture will have to be updated more often. The most original look mini-tattoo on the edge of the palm and sides of the fingers. Despite the openness of the body parts, such patterns are easy to hide.

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