Tattoo of Forest: meaning, types, features

Let us look at this kind of tattoo more intently.

Tattoos with natural motifs have always been popular, especially among men. The image of wildlife does not leave anyone indifferent, beckons and makes you think about the "eternal" issues. The forest pattern is no exception. As a rule, a sketch of a tattoo, large in size, is placed on the back, arm or chest. Most often these works are found in the style of blackwork.

The meaning of the tattoo of Forest

Dark sketch tattoo of forest can tell a lot about the essence of its owner. But it all depends on the style of execution and additional elements, such as animals, sky, stars, etc. Therefore, it is impossible to fully understand the meaning of the picture without take a good look at all the details.

The classical forest landscape can testify to isolation and thoughtfulness of the owner. But more often this pattern symbolizes the male principle, a sign of a hunter or a recluse. In this tattoo you can feel the strength and restraint.

Men often leave the image of the forest as a background, bringing to the fore a strong animal, wolf or bear. Thus trying to emphasize its unbreakable character and strength. Also there are options with a starry sky in the background. This pattern emphasizes the rich inner world and leads to philosophical thoughts.

Women, though much less often, also make the forest tattoo on his hand. Effectively look options supplemented by the image of a bear, as a symbol of motherhood. More refined nature depicts the forest in watercolor style, hinting at their unity with nature and freedom-loving spirit.

The image of a crow on a tree branch symbolizes wisdom. If he is one, the owner is trying to emphasize their loneliness or other attitudes to life. A flock of crows, has a more negative meaning, hinting at the turmoil and danger.

The hidden meanings of tattoos the forest.

As banal as it may sound, but the forest – it is primarily trees with their own sacred meaning. Based on their type, the picture may radically change its meaning. Thus, birch is a symbol of female beauty, innocence, refinement and purity. The picture beech may talk about the inviolability, honour. Oak-a symbol of inaccessibility, physical and spiritual strength. Willow forest symbolizes sadness, sophistication, female tenderness.

According to Scandinavian mythology, a forest is a place where mythical creatures and evil spirits live. A person who has such a tattoo drawing, makes aware of its isolation. Anyone who wants to see "skeletons in the closet" is in danger. But in nowadays' world, it is not necessary to condemn people with similar images. Perhaps they just want to Express their individual position, emphasizing their views.

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