Fairy tattoo – meaning and designs for girls and men

Miniature, attractive and at the same time mysterious creatures with great magical power. Since ancient times, fairies are present in the Western European Nations tales. Sometimes they act as good spirits, sometimes they are evil elementals, but in any case, they are in close contact with the human race. Tattoo fairy also has different meanings for its owner, but always attracts the attention of others.

The meaning of the tattoo fairy

Literally, fairy translated from Latin means "fate". This is because the appearance of fairies in human life has always been crucial. There is a version according to which the fairies, staying in Paradise could not decide which of the forces to join. In the end small, playful creatures stuck between worlds. Cheerful disposition pushed them in search of new adventures, so they often caught the eye of man. And the magical ability to spawned many legends and tales about unusual winged creatures.

A new round of interest in the fairies appeared when stories from the fantasy genre reached the peak of popularity. It immediately reflected in the art of tattoo, where fairies become relevant and popular character. For somebody, this tattoo - a talisman, someone begins to consider the fairies as their totem of good fortune in all things. Someone attributes the image of fairies the ability to increase the attractiveness of the owner. Others are looking for their complicity in black magic.

Today, the value of a tattoo with fairies has several options. It all depends on the color, image style and even the method of drawing:

  • Forest fairies are treated as a symbol of unity with nature. Sign of eternal youth and purity;
  • sad face, says that the owner mourns the dead of love;
  • directly oriented fairy means godmother with open wings and messenger of peace;
  • fairies in combination with stars, hearts and other romantic attributes say that their owner has kept children's spontaneity;
  • fairy swinging on the month, talk about a difficult period in a person's life, and is associated with freedom.

The image is quite universal. Fairy tattoo for girls means the same thing as for guys. The only difference will be in the color scheme of execution.

Women's sketches are more romantic, they are dominated by soft shades of pink, blue and lilac. Male fairies are more aggressive and sexy. The palette ranges from dark black to fiery red.

What to consider when creating a sketch?

Each fairy is unique in its own way. Creating a sketch, you can draw, really your own, nothing like a picture, and this small tips will help you:

  • Wings. A distinctive feature of these mythical creatures. Experimenting with this detail, you can change the character of the creature. Pointed fit aggressive person, but to create a naive and pure character to use small wings rounded shape.
  • Tail. In the tattoo fairy's tail plays an important role. Thanks to the presence of tail, the fairy can be distinguished from the elf. And this is a fundamental importance, as the tattoo elves and fairies have a completely different meaning.
  • Magic wand. This element may be present as a sign of playfulness. However, mostly sketches fairy tattoo done without an entourage.
  • A tree or the moon. In the first case it would be about the earth's creation, in the second, emphasizes the heavenly identity of fairies.

Nontrivial look sketches, in which a fairy's natural creation, inscribed in the industrial landscape. Good results are obtained by playing on the contrast, both color and texture.

Place for fairy

Fairies used to fly and look down at people, so do not lower their images below the waist. Ideal for panoramic pictures are chest and back. Single fairies look good on the shoulder blades and forearms. Neat thumbnails can be placed in the neck or wrist area.

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