Ethnic tattoo

The tattoo Ethnic style recently became very popular in the world. It would seem that the new fashion trend attracts visitors with its bizarre shapes, different weaves and patterns, but if you look carefully, the ethnic Group can be attributed to the ancient form of tattoo art.

Where did the ethnic style arise from

The name of the style says about the deep past, of course, the tattoo style could be called as anything, but this style name is not accidental. The whole style, forms and drawings in the style of ethnics are taken from the depths of history, there are different directions, but all of them are united by ancient symbolism and a clear designation of each depicted line, bend and symbol. In the ancient world, people decorated their bodies with various drawings that symbolized their occupation, life history, achievements, attachment to various deities and forces. Each individual image or their complex symbolized the history of life, which without words, knowing people could learn more about a person than any stories.

How did Ethnic come to us and why revived just now

Forms, type and designation of symbols have survived thanks to ancient epics, chronicles, legends and epics. In a variety of legends literally describes the drawings and their designations, even without a clear picture, with the words you can recreate an exact copy of the image. Also deciphered records on ancient tablets allow to give to ancient symbols the figurative value. Why is the popularity of this style came relatively recently? The answer lies in historical prejudice and persecution. Basically, all the symbols of Ethnics, associated with the ancient gods, the forces of nature, the unity of man and the world. Since in most countries there was the imposition of faith, the persecution of the old gods, there was a clear ban on the application of the body "pagan" and objectionable symbols. Of course, at first, it was perceived with hostility, but year after year, century after century, and ethnic almost disappeared. It was preserved only in small communities living under ancient laws that did not avow the new faith. These communities also influenced the revival of this style. In nowadays, there is complete freedom of information and choice, the injunction was dissolved and ceased to be relevant. People began to further explore their origins, culture and ancestors, consequently, the tattoos rose on the surface, which was later called ethnics.

How the tattoo ethnic separated

These tattoos stand out from the rest, they are difficult to confuse with other styles. Ethnics consists of smooth clear lines, dots, which are intertwined with rough strokes, creating a single picture. Depending on the region of detection of symbols, its historical affiliation and nationality are divided into several main areas of Ethnics:

  1. Celtic.
  2. Indian.
  3. Maori.
  4. Polynesian.
  5. Maya.

Of course, there are many more subspecies, but the data are basic.

What areas of Ethnics are popular today and what attracts people

According to statistics, in the first place in the modern world is the Celtic theme. This fact is due to that image uses a variety of trees, leaves and animals woven into the overall picture, which are complementary to each other. The modern Celtic theme is a real canvas, enchanting with its incorruptible beauty and natural integrity. In addition, it should be noted, actively gaining popularity style Ethnics, which originated in the Papuans of New Guinea. The picture is based on simple figures, circles, squares, rhombuses, rectangles separately nothing is remarkable, in the total mass are woven into a pattern, create the image of a multi-faceted kaleidoscope. These tattoos can be of different sizes, there are cases that in this style is covered completely the whole body, turning into a single canvas and a second skin tattoo, because in this case the picture has no beginning or end.

Ethnic style, at the same time the most ancient and young in the tattoo world. It develops with the help of fantasy masters and historical treatises, myths and legends. This symbiosis of ancient knowledge and skill of contemporaries gives rise to unique creations that not only carry a deep meaning, but also pleasing to the eye of others.

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