Tattoo demon – meaning and sketches for girls and men

Tattoo demon – meaning and sketches for girls and men

One of the most popular tattoos is the image of the demon on the body. But not all owners of this tattoo understand its deep meaning. The word "demon" comes from "Damon" - giving wisdom. He comes into the world of people to tempt and awaken the weakness in a man, to push him on a sinful path. So portraying on your body of a demon, one seeks to get rid of negative defect, or to protect themselves from it. It is need to note that demons and devils are completely different entities, so do not confuse them.

The categories of demons

The General concept of demon can be divided into demons and gargoyles.

Tattoo with the image of a demon from ancient times is part of the culture of many Nations, which is why it has a huge number of different versions. Before you use your favorite image of the demon for tattoos, it is worth studying the hierarchy of demonic ranks and legends associated with it. The significance of a demon tattoo depends largely on the culture to which it belongs.

  • Orthodox demons are fallen angels, so their image on the body symbolizes the worship of the dark forces;
  • In Egypt, the demons were gods, so they worshipped as other gods. If you have got such a demon on your body, you gained great strength to fight vices and evil;
  • Japanese mythology says that demons depicted on the body protect against evil spirits and witchcraft;
  • The Greeks put on the body of a demonic image that would determine their fate;
  • The Mayan people were drawing demons on the body of men that would make them fearless in battle.

Despite the fact, that in General the demon is enough of a negative character, there are demons that possess certain abilities and are the patrons of some skill or art.

  • BELPHEGOR. Patron of innovation and discovery. He seduces people into laziness, thereby moving them to search;
  • Oracle Orobas. At the same time is the patron of good luck and great knowledge about the future;
  • Asmodeus. This is a king of a hell, patronizing military affairs and gambling;
  • Alatan. Guardian of traditions and laws, as well as he monitors their implementation and compliance;
  • Ronve. The smartest demon, it gives a person the ability to learn new languages;
  • Astaroth. He occupies the highest level in the demonic hierarchy, patronizes artisans and mathematicians. His elements craft and numbers;
  • Beelzebub. The demon of gluttony and overeating, while he is a confidant of the devil himself;

Gargoyles are repentant sinners who have taken the form of winged creatures. Drawing tattoos with their image, the owner reminds himself of sins and bad habits, from which he wants to get rid of or has already got rid of. The image of the gargoyle is a guardian and protects from evil forces.

The color scheme of tattoos.

In most cases demons fill in black and gray tones, thereby bringing shape to the dark underground world. But there are Japanese demons, which decided to fill in the color. It is bright red, green, yellow and blue. A demon warns his "master" from turning into a bad person, but it carries the symbol of immortality.

No doubt, the demon is a negative being, but for someone tattoo his image is a helper and defender in different situations.

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