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Tattoo on the clavicle

At the sight of a tattoo on the collarbone, every psychologist can come to the first conclusion: the owner of the tattoo wants to be seen and heard. The clavicle pattern in most cases is an attribute of extroverts - people adapted for active interaction with the external environment.

Meaning of tattoo

Any tattoo can be considered as a way to express certain feelings and character traits of its owner. Clavicle - a favorite "canvas" to demonstrate sexuality, openness and passion. Many psychologists see in this choice the desire to stand out, because the clavicle is one of the most open to prying eyes areas of the body. Hiding under the clothes only in the cold season, the tattoo will certainly attract interested views and declare the desire of its owner to meet the public.

Sketches tattoo on the clavicle

Even such a familiar pattern as a rosebud, can have a lot of interesting interpretations. Some experts see references of a religious nature, as the rose is a symbol of the Pope. In most European countries rose is associated not with beauty and tenderness, but ritual traditions and burial. Choosing this sketch, it should be remembered that the Queen of flowers for many people is a symbol of freedom of the souls of the dead. More familiar interpretations of rose tattoo on the clavicle - purity, youth, beauty and love. Just this flower was the favorite of the jewelry of the Greek goddess of beauty Aphrodite.

You should be extremely careful when choosing sketches in the form of inscriptions. Because the established stereotypes in society, tattoos on prominent parts of the body can be perceived ambiguously. In one case, it is a quotation in Latin in an elegant font, in the other - a real thief's sign.

Tattoo on the collarbone for girls

It is logical that the more miniature in complexion of the fairer sex prefer small and sometimes even tiny tattoos. In recent years, girls are increasingly asking the masters to "fill" on the collarbone various inscriptions in foreign languages (most often English, German and Latin). As a rule, such drawings are applied only to one collarbone, the second remains untouched.

Championship in popularity still hold flowers. At the same time, only a few know about the insidiousness of the Lily tattoo - a medieval symbol of "fallen women". Wanting to belittle the guilty woman in the eyes of society, she was branded in the area near the clavicles. Ironically, before the middle ages Lily had the status of a Royal flower and a symbol of aristocracy. Buds and petals on women's collarbones could compete with images of birds. Silhouettes of feathered weightless and elegant, which fully explains their popularity among girls.

Tattoo on the clavicle for men

In recent years, there has been a high demand among guys for tattoos in the style of "biomechanics". The images are presented in the form of interweaving of living tissues of the body and metal elements, which looks more than impressive. On the male clavicles can increasingly be seen "bloody" scenes: sketches in the form of hammered nails into the body and mechanisms sticking out from under the skin. Also in the area of the clavicles are applying artistic imitation of seams and scars.

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