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Tattoo on breast

In ancient times, tattoos on the chest served as a talisman for people. They symbolized the shield; they were protecting from destruction the most important organ – warrior's heart. Today, drawing on an intimate site of a body of the man allows emphasizing a relief of muscles of his body. The tattoo, made on the girl's chest, emphasizes the sexuality and passion of the man. With its help they mask postoperative scars and age spots, correct the shape of the bust.

The relief of the chest allows you to make a tattoo volumetric. Drawings range from small tattoos to complex body art compositions. To preserve tattoo's outlines, masters suggest temporarily not to sleep on stomach and to wear the loose clothes. For 2 weeks, girls have to refuse to wear a bra.

The meaning of tattoo – the sacred meaning of the picture

The breast is responsible for the sensual component of the person. When choosing a place for drawing a sketch, preference is given to:

  • get tattoo on the chest (closer to the neck);
  • filling the space between the Breasts;
  • tattoo under the breast;
  • covering the entire pectoral muscle with transition to the upper abdomen.

The painfulness of the procedure depends on the professionalism of the master, the size and shape of the needles, the volume and density of the pattern. Especially sensitive are the clavicles, shoulder joints, the area of the mammary glands, the area of the solar plexus.

Selection of tattoo sketch requires a responsible approach. After all, it is not just a drawing, but the symbol, which is able to influence magically to owner. The nowadays tattoo lovers often get on the chest:

  • heart – a sign of manifestation of high feelings for the second half;
  • owl – a symbol of wisdom, a talisman against stranger influence and deception;
  • bow – the personification of the coquetry of the mistress and the transience of life;
  • zodiac sign – a talisman that enhances the natural capabilities of man;
  • red wolf – tattoo that gives the owner the strength and audacity of the wolf, Fox cunning and Jackal caution.

At the same time, the sources of search for ideas for future tattoos can be very diverse. Some people are looking for sketches of tattoos for the chest on the Internet. Others make an order for drawing the artist or create a future image of the tattoo themselves. Others choose options from the portfolio of master or give him carte Blanche in the decision of making tattoo on the chest muscle. The result of the work is the creation of the author's composition of body art.

Tattoo on chest for girls

The area of tattooing on the chest of the girl extends from the neck to the lower line of the ribs. Women's tattoos differ from men's variety of subjects and colors of the picture. The choice of modern girls increasingly falls on symmetrical patterns, drawings of flowers, birds and animals. Body drawing in the form of a patterned bra is gaining popularity. Old School, Tribal, Dotwork, Watercolor, Minimalism, Gothic allow a woman to make her image unique. Women's tattoos look aesthetically pleasing, daring and sexy.

Tattoo on chest for men

Representatives of the stronger sex apply the image to the whole chest or use one side of it, which amaze with the ingenuity of the plot. More and more often on a man's chest, it is possible to meet the half-naked woman, the ship with the sails straightened on a wind, drawings with the image of a skull and fire. Getting the tattoos in the style of New School, Blackwork, Steampunk, and Polynesia allows you to achieve your goal. Beautiful, restrained and extravagant look inscriptions and Oriental hieroglyphs. The image of demonic sketches or biomechanics looks quite aggressive.

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