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Tattoo on the calf: endless possibilities for imagination

Tattoo on the calf is among the most successful and attractive options. This is due to a number of reasons, in particular:

  • This part of the body has a large surface, so it can be applied to large drawings with a serious semantic load;
  • using the surface of two calves, you can create complex "masterpieces", where the beginning of the picture is located on one leg, and the end – on the second;
  • Low pain threshold due to thick skin and fat layer;
  • The ability to continue the tattoo on the adjacent areas (back of the thigh, ankles).

In addition, deciding to make a tattoo on the calf, it is worth considering the feature of the surface of this zone: it is convex. This can be used to create three-dimensional images.

Thanks to the imagination and professionalism of the masters, calf tattoo is a universal option, suitable for both boys and girls. At the same time, depending on the preferences of the customer and the skill of the "artist" they can be made in any style: Japanese, Polynesian, Celtic, blackwork or dotwerk, watercolor, tresh-polka, etc.

How to create an original drawing?

Most often, the decision to make a tattoo on the calf occurs in people who have seen a successful image in thematic groups, movies, on the beach or in the pool (on some of the passers-by). To make it easier for you to decide on the theme, location and style of creating your own "masterpiece", we have picked up a unique collection of tattoos.

In General, you can safely go to the master, having your own idea and even the layout of the desired pattern. If there is no preference, you can apply a scattering of stars, portraits of Pets and loved ones/idols. Not less stylish to the eye look of a tattoo on the calf as a bright abstraction, in the style of watercolor or Oriental, drawings Chicano, biomechanics, neo-traditional, as an ornamental or sketch style.

It is worth considering that the tattoos on this part of the body visually make the leg slimmer. If you have a well-pumped leg muscles, the pattern will look harmonious, but lean calves will make even thinner.

It is also worth remembering that the cost and time of the master will depend on the complexity and area of the "plot". On this part of the body large tattoos are often performed in 2-3 sessions.

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