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Tattoo on back

The back is considered one of the most practical areas for drawing. A large area of this area of the body allows you to get both small tattoos and three-dimensional images. The proximity of the skeleton makes a good tension of the skin. Resistance of the tattoo on the back to deformation allows for many years to maintain the shape and color of the pattern.

Drawings on the back, made in dark colors, emphasize the relief of the muscles and visually make the figure slimmer. Easy to hide. The tattoo will not be suspected, if you choose the right outfit. Quite often, the tattoo is creating on the back for a few sessions. The first time the master advises the client not to sleep on his back and avoid physical activity to avoid blurring the contour.

The meaning of the tattoo

The back is considered the center of the human will. Its sacred protection needs a serious approach to the choice of the type and place of making pattern. There are 3 options for placing a sketch:

  • in the upper third of the back;
  • in the lower third of the back;
  • in the middle.

The choice of place for tattoos determines the pain of the procedure. In areas of muscle and subcutaneous fat image can be applied without the use of painkillers. In places where the bone or joint comes close to the surface of the body, the specialist offers to eliminate the pain with a local anesthetic.

The upper back is the area between the 8th cervical vertebra and the shoulder blade area. It represents the mind and will of man. Sketches of tattoos on the back, located in this place, can merge with the tattoo on the back of the head, shoulders or forearms. The result of the master's work is a complex composition that looks like a complete picture.

The middle part of the back occupies the area of the body between the shoulder blades and the lower back. It is associated with the heart and feelings of a person. Most of the tattoos allocated in this area are characterized by complexity and scale. It can be reproductions of paintings, floral arrangements, and crosses, drawings of ethnic or Oriental character.

The lower back is located between the lumbar line and the coccygeal bone. It is a symbol of passion, life impulses, connection with the defenders of the genus. Light sexual overtones imposes an additional imprint on the choice of tattoo for placement in this area. As a rule, preference is given to tattoos in the style of tribal, Polynesian motifs, lettering, drawings with flowers or inhabitants of the underwater world.

Back tattoos for girls

Representatives of the weaker sex get a tattoo in the area of the lower third of the back, shoulder blades or the upper third of the spine near the neck. The choice of girls falls on the inscriptions, floral patterns and three-dimensional images. Softer by nature, they prefer a tattoo with the image:

  • floral motif;
  • written by ligature of the aphorism;
  • symmetrical patterns;
  • angel wings;
  • animals.

Women's tattoos are created in the style of Watercolor, Tribal, Old School, Dotwork, Oriental, and Traditional. The secret meaning of the tattoo is the one that the owner of the tattoo puts into it. Tattoo is an art without borders. It is impossible to limit it with any framework.

Tattoo on the back for men

The stronger sex chooses to tattoo the upper third of the back or the entire back. Elements with a "hard" message and pictures of abstract character act as a sketch. Symbol of power and forces are considered:

  • pictures with Japanese hieroglyphs;
  • predatory animals;
  • cold steel;
  • Church attributes.

Chikano, Blackwork, Trash, Celtic style, Biomechanics present a lot of ideas for creating original tattoos. Everyone decides for himself, which one to choose.

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