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Tattoo angel

Tattoo of an angel is a common body image that serves not only for beauty, but also for carries a certain meaning. The very word "angel" means messenger and envoy, a messenger from God who came to the world of people to protect them. Angels are different, but they all have the same goal: to protect people and protect heaven from evil forces.

Varieties of angels and their significance

The significance of an angel tattoo depends on the type of celestial being depicted.

  • Cherubim are Golden-haired children-angels depicted for protection and amulet. They carry purity and innocence. Moreover, the image of Cupid (the most famous cherub) protects from suffering and unrequited love, gives strength to believe in a bright and tender feeling - love.
  • Archangels are the closest to God angels having the highest rank in heaven. They are warriors and protect heaven from the forces of evil. The warrior angel depicted on the body is represents the eternal struggle with hostile power and evil, not only in the world but also inside.
  • Fallen angels are angels who have been cast out of heaven. They can choose whether to do good or evil. The image of such angels symbolizes the eternal struggle between good and evil.
  • Lucifer is also a fallen angel, his image on the body reminds of the insignificance of man in front of death, the transience of life.
  • The angels are fabulous, frivolous and playful creatures emphasize the lightness and innocence of the owner of the tattoo. It can be cartoon characters and heroes of fairy tales, as well as fairies and witches with wings.
  • Angel wings pictured on the human body carry their own philosophy. Wide spread wings speak of freedom and power of the spirit, closeness to heaven and God. If the wings folded or injured, the person has the secret emotions and uncertainty. The wings on the back of the men talk about the power and ability to become a Keeper of the hearth. Angel wings on a woman's back emphasize her tenderness and femininity.
  • Praying angel - this type of tattoo has its own special meaning. Having this picture means memory of the lost person, unremitting pain and sorrow. The angel will pray for everyone and will surely be heard in heaven.

The image of an angel for a man and a woman.

The tattoo of an angel depicted on the body of a man speaks of his strength, firmness and humility. Such a man will be a guardian angel for all close people. He will fight injustice and evil, covering with his wing all who in need of protection.

The meaning of the angel for girls a little different. The angel symbolizes innocence, spirituality and purity. This is a kind of personification of the angelic soul, located inside the person. The owner of such a tattoo will not set foot on the sinful path, and will help those who stumble to come back.

In the prison world, the angel tattoo is depicting quite often; this is due to the repentance of the criminal in the committed sins and crimes. Portraying an angel on their body, criminals hope for the salvation of their souls.

To sum up, we can say that a tattoo depicting an angel in any of these styles, carries a positive. It helps to summon a higher power to help and protect. Thistattoois a reliabletalismanandcharm.

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