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Photo of tattoos and sketches

This section of our specialized resource contains the best photos of tattoos, thanks to which you can get new ideas for decorating your body and evaluate the quality of the work of our masters.

Choosing a picture is a very serious task. For most people, a tattoo is not just a decoration, but has its own sacred meaning, associated with one or another life event. It is likely that the drawing applied to the body will remain with you for life, so it is strongly not recommended to choose a plot at random.

Another important feature is the mobility of the picture. In the photo of the tattoo, any drawing seems to be static, but in everyday life we ​​see a completely different picture. If the tattoo is on on the arm , shoulder or other movable area, the image is also will change with your every move, when the angle changes.

Studying photo tattoos, it is easy to be convinced of the infinity of plots, which, even with a similar theme, can be completely different from each other. Gender plays a decisive role in choosing an artistic idea. Most female tattoos relate to nature. Flowers and floral ornaments, images birds , insects and animals were and still are popular trends. This option is suitable for romantic girls, and fantasy lovers do not ignore drawings with the image of fairies , mermaids , cupids, zodiac signs .

Another trend is inscriptions , which can be done in Latin , English , Persian, Russian or any other language. The meaning of such tattoos is individual for their owners. It can be a life motto or a reminder of an event. Inscriptions with the names of the closest people do not go out of fashion either. In the catalog of photo tattoos, you can also find a large selection of options with bracelets. Such a pattern will beautifully emphasize a graceful wrist or ankle.

The semantic content of male tattoos usually consists in the desire to emphasize certain character traits of its owner, his masculinity. On a sports body, brutal plots look harmoniously. Fans of outrageous often choose for themselves creepy tattoos depicting demons and monsters.

A drawing can also reflect a man's hobbies or his life experience. In this case, the sketch is selected among biker tattoos , army tattoos or other tattoos. Men's tattoos with inscriptions are not so defiant, therefore they suit most people.

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