Tattoo salon Reminisce Tattoo Thailand

Thailand, กทม

Our studio has officially opened in the center of Bangkok, Thailand in 2015. We are just a small studio with big quality (we surely guarantee that!) , run by only one artist who is the owner and artist here. So everything piece of his work take valuable quality for his intention that want to create the customized art for every single who has their idea in mind. Most of tattoo artists have their specific style of work that you should go to catch it, Reminisce also our artist has skills in black, dot, or Neo tradition etc., and more of that skills we want you to get is the art that we attend to create the new and only one art special for single of you. Just give us your art mind and we will make it happen real!

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Our contacts

Phayathai BTS Station

6 (608) 94-47-7189

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