To order tattoo sketch starting from 50$

If you decided to get a tattoo and found a suitable salon on the Internet, the next right thing to do online is to order a tattoo sketch.It will significantly increase the chance that your new tattoo will give you 100% joy and won’t leave an unpleasant sediment.
Is it always necessary to make a tattoo sketch?

It is not always needed. Your master can mark out the contours of the image directly on your skin and then work according to this outline. It is called freehand. This approach is usually used by people who have made several tattoos from the masters whom they endlessly trust.

People who get their first tattoos shouldn’t do it. You can’t be sure that even the best master is on the same wavelength with you. It’s impossible to change a tattoo «in the process».

So, without a sketch you can’t control the process from beginning to end and know exactly what your future tattoo will look like.

To order tattoo sketches, to choose the ready ones in the salon or to download from the Internet?

In principle, all three variants are possible. The aesthetic and status difference between the first and the third option will be approximately the same as between the jeans sewn by Philipp Plein and the ones purchased at a discount on Aliexpress. Simply put, the difference in quality is essential. At the same time, the difference in price is very little!

Of course, sketches made on order increase the cost of creating tattoos, but not critical. On the other hand, you get:

The unique tattoo instead of the standard one. It combines your personal ideas and the imprint of the master’s individuality. Your tattoo doesn’t look like somebody’s, it is the only one in the world
The ability to «try on» your future tattoo before it becomes an integral part of your body. In the process of working on the sketch you will definitely understand whether it suits you or not.
Full participation in the process of creation of the sketch. Sometimes customers rethink their original desires and significantly change the original concepts. It is better than to realize that you «did not take everything into account» when your tattoo is ready.
100% confidence in your master’s qualification. You can’t order a tattoo by a standard image from a high-class master. Good masters value their reputation and don’t do mindless copying. If you were offered an author's sketch, it means that the master is ready to demonstrate his ability to draw before taking up a tattoo machine. And you can check if it is really like that.
Tattoo sketches for order: stages of work

The process of creating a sketch involves four stages:

Initial consultation
You voice your ideas, the master offers options for their expression and makes approximate sketches. You reach an agreement about the result.
Detailed rendering
It is the stage of the artist’s individual work. Usually it takes 3-7 days. It's not only about the drawing process which is a painstaking work itself. It is important for every master to form a conception inside his head. If he was caught up with an « epiphany», the work may take several hours, but sometimes the search for a solution prolongs for several days.
Final approval
When the sketch is ready, the master invites you to the studio. At this stage you may change some details, taking into account the relief of the place of the tattoo. After all, a human body is not flat like a sheet of paper!
It is not always needed. If everything suits you, the master assigns the session time. If you want to change something, the work will go on until the consensus is reached. Within reasonable limits, of course. If you say: «I think that I don’t want the runes anymore, let's make a cobweb instead», than it will be a completely different sketch, and you will have to pay for it separately.
We offer sketches on order from the best tattoo masters
at a price starting from 50 $!